miércoles, 27 de julio de 2011

getting ready for any job interview !

What happens during a job interview

job interviews; they can be long talks, small talks, we meet, say hello talk abut skills and job experience, what do you expect about the job and its also the first impression, so its very important be fluent, dont be shy and look great.

What should I wear for my job interview?

Its very important to dress very professionally for every interview, mans should wear a suit, ties and shoes, Woman should wear long dress high heels etc. its very important to wear to look great.

What are the key do's and don'ts for a great interview?
the first thing you can do its make a great impression, make aye contact, smile, and give a nice anf firm handshake to perform a great interview and a great impression, This will set a very positive tone for the rest of the interview. Wait to sit down until the interviewer asks you to sit down make sure you keep your things to your side or in your lap. Their desk is their space, so be respectful of that.Use positive body language in the interview. Stand up, thank them again and don't forget to ask for the job before you leave.

How do I handle an interview in a restaurant or cafe?
Employers will ask you to have a meal so you have to know your dining etiquette, you have to stay focused on you rinterviewer and speak at an audible level.

What do I do when more than one person is interviewing me?
It's important to make sure that you adapt your communication style to both of those individuals.

How can I rescue an interview that I know is going poorly?
Take a couple of steps back. Some of the tips to save an inteweview are: Ask the interviewers for directives, regroup and revive your energy just jump back into the interview.

What are good tips for a telephone interview?
Make sure that you are very high energy, upbeat, you use a lot of inflection in voice, and, because that's all you have to make that great first impression is your voice. So that really needs to sell you in a phone interview and also find out from the employer what again is it that they're really looking for in terms of this position. Make sure you have your resume close to you.

Can a potential employer ask me to take a lie detector test?
Lie detector tests are illegal 99% of the time. The only time that an employer can ask for a lie detector test is if you are applying for some type of government or high-security type of position, so dont worry about this.

What are illegal questions that an employer should not ask me?
Employers are not allowed to ask any questions relating to ethnicity, family status, childbearing status, anything that relates to culture, gender, family status, sexual orientation or anything about that.

How do I handle the end of the interview?
This is where you really have the opportunity to shine, and the best way is to wait when the interviewer says: Do you have any final cuestion? So this is when you ask: May I have the job?

What do I do if an employer doesn't call me back after an interview?

Maybe we should call, they probably busy, or out of town that way we dont loose any chance of work ! now, lets see a job interview

miércoles, 1 de junio de 2011

Fall from Lainy Voom on Vimeo.

we can see the loneliness on that protagonist, She lost someone who she really loved and, shes missing him and she's also sad about it, drawings in the deep of the water helps to express the sadness in her.

martes, 31 de mayo de 2011

New words

using the dictionary, we'll learn a few new words.

"By combining the techniques of Photography and tools of Photoshop, you can create simply any illustration conceivable. As a graphic designer, I am always eager to learn new and innovative techniques in artwork and graphic design. Lately I stumbled upon a fascinating technique of processing photos called Out of Bounds (OOB)"

Stumbled / (stŭm'bəl) / Verb : Perderse - entretenerse con algo - Lately I stumbled upon a fascinating technique of processing photos called Out of Bounds

Combining /(kəm-bīn') / Verb : Combinar - Combinando - By combining the techniques of Photography

Tools / (tūl) : Herramientas - By combining the techniques of Photography and tools of Photoshop

Technique / (tĕk-nēk'): Técnica - fascinating technique of processing photos

Maddi Jane - Price Tag (Jessie J)

I just adore this little girl, she isnt the original preformer of price tag, but can you really blame me for loving her? she's so adorable, i think that those lyrics are inspiring because she aint talking about the usual like blings and cash, she just want to make the world dance, and thats adorable :')

mother's day poem ♥

You've been by my side since i was small
Whenever i needed you, i just had to call
You healed my heart and whiped away my tears
You've shared my laughter, and life many joys 
Put out my revelion, and all of my noise.
I just cant say how much i love you, and adore you
My beautiful mom ♥

let me introduce you to

Andrea Pirela Ladies and gents !

She's 19 years old, she live's in Maracaibo and she got a little sister.She also hate fake people and Vegetables she like's to listen to the music and being alone, she has a hugeeeeeeee crush on her boyfriend, her favorite subject is Illustration, she's expeting to improve her english skills with this class, she also wants to get a job and a family on a future.